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Curbed Is Now at Home at New York

We can’t imagine a better fit.

The VP Debate Stage Is the Coronavirus Response in Physical, Design-Failure Form

A clear contender for the worst design of 2020 has emerged: the stage for tonight’s vice-presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence.

Is the U.S. Really Planting a Billion Trees, as Trump Said?

Or maybe a trillion? Either way, it won’t do much to stop climate change.

Expect More Piles of Garbage — Proverbial and Otherwise — as NYC’s Budget Crisis Unfolds

What if we lose too many rich people?

Are New Yorkers Really Buying Cars in Droves Now?

A skeptical look at the so-called Vroom Boom.

There’s No Ignoring California’s Apocalyptic Orange Skies

Nature sends us a wake-up call.

Cuomo’s Scheme to Put 4,000 Cops in NYC Restaurants Would Be a Disaster

Nothing says health and safety like heavily armed city employees notorious for not wearing masks.

The Chelsea Flea Market Comes Back on September 12

Good news, as-is.

Amenity-Laden Apartment Towers Try to Keep Their Bored Residents Occupied 

Who’s up for a virtual mixology class?

There’s Nothing to Trump’s Affordable-Housing Fearmongering

Waving a gun at protestors doesn’t make you an urbanism expert.

Brooklyn Rents Are Finally Starting to Drop

We already know many Manhattan rents are dropping. Brooklyn’s are too, in these areas.

How Ben Carson Tried to Destroy Fair And Affordable Housing

The neurosurgeon took a scalpel to HUD.

Vacancies in Manhattan Are Piling Up — That’s Good News If You’re a Renter

Back-to-school season will be different this year.

Manhattan’s Housing Market Is Coming Back

The real estate market in NYC is starting to function again — and the current dynamics clearly favor buyers over sellers.

The Suburbs Aren’t Getting Abolished, But Maybe They Should

According to Trump, an obscure housing regulation is supposedly ravaging the suburbs. It’s not.

Home Prices May Be Dropping Soon. Here’s Why.

Market forecasters say it’s likely to happen if federal response to the pandemic wavers.

All These Stories About People Fleeing Cities Are Total Nonsense

The narrative persists, but supporting evidence is weak at best.

No, Manhattan Home Prices Are Not Plummeting

Here’s what’s really going on in NYC’s housing market.

How St. Louis’ History of Private Streets Led to a Gun-Brandishing Couple

A Black Lives Matter march through a gated community highlighted the decisions that divide the city.

D.C.’s mayor makes a big show of painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on a city street

The 35-foot-tall yellow letters are photogenic—but defunding the police would send a real message.

If the coronavirus has you worried about your mortgage or rent, these tools can help

These four things can help if you’re at risk of missing a payment because of COVID-19.

Cancel rent during coronavirus? Rep. Ilhan Omar says yes

The Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act would provide national housing relief throughout the crisis

Coronavirus is brewing a mortgage crisis

A mortgage forbearance directive could decimate mortgage lending infrastructure if Congress and regulators don’t act fast.

Here’s where coronavirus will impact the housing market the most

A report says the northeast and Florida are in trouble. Texas not so much.

Quarantine pads, rural getaways, and ‘cityscapers’

Airbnb hosts are marketing "destination isolation" for guests looking to leave town, and, ideally, COVID-19.

This stream has:

How coronavirus is affecting the housing market

Millions of Americans can’t pay their rent or mortgages. We’re tracking the impacts on tenants, landlords, and homeowners

Airbnb announces $250M coronavirus relief for hosts: Is that enough?

Hosts aren’t totally convinced the new fund will make up for income lost in the pandemic-related travel slump.

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Coronavirus, loneliness, and how to reach out to neighbors during a social recession

Safe ways to contact seniors, at-risk neighbors, and others needing social connection during a challenging time.

With mortgage relief in place, stimulus deal targets homelessness, public housing

While the terms won’t apply to everyone, it’s a good start.

Zillow, Opendoor suspend homebuying activity in the wake of coronavirus

iBuyers are no longer an option if you’re hoping to sell your house.

Cities suspend evictions as coronavirus spreads

New York, Los Angeles, and San Jose are in various stages of a temporary eviction ban.

As coronavirus slows real estate market, agents seek support from Congress

Social distancing means "when they can’t show a property, they can’t earn a living".

What the 1918 pandemic can teach cities about public spaces today

Lessons on restricting public spaces and social interaction in the age of coronavirus.

Coronavirus college closures leave students unsure about housing

As universities go online and dorms shut down, students scramble to find a place to stay

A closer look at AOC and the Squad’s housing platform

Set of six laws tackle homelessness, public housing, housing assistance, and speculation.

How Trump is rolling back housing desegregation rules, explained

Critics argue the proposed changes will weaken protections against housing discrimination.

Affordable housing is in crisis. Is public housing the solution?

Democrats on the left have proposed a huge expansion of public housing, but policy experts say it isn’t the answer.

Mayor Pete unveils $1 trillion infrastructure plan

Buttigieg’s proposal focuses on opportunity, equity, and empowerment.

Housing inventory is dropping. Here’s what that means if you’re buying a home.

Low supply means more competition and higher prices.