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New Trump rule could repeal Obama effort to promote housing desegregation

Proposed change to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule taps into debate around increasing affordable housing.

How a city the size of Washington D.C. eliminated pedestrian deaths

Reducing the number of cars in Oslo reduced the number of traffic fatalities.

With Castro out, which Democratic candidate will stand up for housing?

The former HUD secretary was a vocal advocate for addressing housing costs.

Small towns across America may lose a crucial community hub

Anxiety over big changes to Minor League Baseball point to trouble finding economic catalysts for small towns.

Virginia latest place to make single family zoning ban a political fight

A bill to allow duplexes statewide shows housing policy fights carry more weight as suburbs shift and housing crisis worsens.

Free transit isn’t enough. Transportation needs to be a right.

Candidates are proposing universal health care and universal free college—what about universal transportation access?

Housing discrimination goes high tech

How algorithms, ad targeting, and other new technologies threaten fair housing laws.

Homeless people gain ‘de facto right’ to sleep on sidewalks through federal court

Supreme Court declines to re-examine the criminalization of homelessness in Martin v. City of Boise case.

Senators propose Eviction Crisis Act to help at-risk tenants

Emergency funds will spare tenants facing eviction from financial repercussions and housing insecurity.

Trump’s new homeless czar a ‘real-life horror,’ say housing advocates

Robert Marbut’s polarizing methodology goes against the "housing first" approach that has worked in many U.S. cities.

These maps show how the Green New Deal will look different across America

The 2100 Project shows the urgency of combating climate change for communities across the U.S.

The 2010s changed how you shop for homes. Will the 2020s change the way you buy them?

Real estate portals like Zillow and Redfin transformed the role of the realtor

Why LeBron James’s hometown philanthropy is powering forward on supportive housing

By expanding its mission, his foundation has embraced a holistic approach to urban challenges.

Your Cyber Monday shopping is polluting this small town

A new lawsuit highlights how e-commerce and the warehouse boom can concentrate truck traffic, and pollution, in rural areas.

Amazon’s bonkers warehouse and delivery empire, by the numbers

Putting the retailer’s gigantic global operation into perspective.

The 10 tech companies that shaped the last decade of urban life

From Airbnb to Amazon, here’s a look at the tech giants, startups, and apps that have had outsize impact on our cities over the last 10 years.

What would Mister Rogers say about our neighborhoods today?

Tom Hanks is Fred Rogers in ‘It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.’

Americans are moving less than ever before

After 40 years of steady declines in domestic migration, mobility has hit a new all-time low.

Housing should be funded like infrastructure. Now Congress has a plan for that

New bills and this week’s Democratic debate address the affordable housing crisis.

Why a startup is taking on the inequity of security deposits

By working with city governments to make onerous security deposits optional, Rhino wants to eliminate a barrier to affordable housing.

New housing development in Arizona won’t allow residents to bring cars

Culdesac Tempe, a 1,000-person rental development that just broke ground, won’t allow personal cars to be driven or parked on site.

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez propose a Green New Deal for public housing

The bill would fund energy retrofits of public housing and workforce development programs for residents.

Public housing tenants still face stiff penalties for pot, even in states where it’s legal

"If we’ve legalized it but are only letting a select group benefit from it, we’re falling short."

Why hospitals want to invest in affordable housing

The Healthcare Anchor Network believes better housing is a great investment in health and community wellness.

Disappearing dome homes are casualty of eroding beaches

The dome homes were built in the 1980s as an experiment in sustainability—today they’re under water.

Renovated 19th-century sea forts hit the market

Live out your pirate dreams as the new owner of two Victorian-era sea forts.

Could a massive fire-resistant blanket help save homes from wildfire?

While not a perfect solution, fire-resistant blankets could provide a first line of defense.

Housing discrimination, hate crimes on the rise in U.S., says report

Nation faces "unprecedented attack" on fair housing, according to National Fair Housing Alliance.

Pharrell Williams is designing buildings now

For the last year, the musician has been working with Canadian developers and architects to plan two new residential towers in Toronto called Untitled.

Strava’s new tool lets smaller cities unlock their transportation data

Moving from GIS to a web platform makes Strava’s data more accessible to cities with less resources.

Don’t Lecture California About Fires. Look at the State’s Climate Action.

The state has worked for 40 years to successfully reduce emissions—but that never gets mentioned when hillsides burn.

25 endangered cultural sites added to 2020 World Monuments Watch list

The World Monument Fund has flagged 25 monuments, buildings, and communities worldwide that "marry great historical significance with contemporary social impact."

Colorful street transformations coming to 10 U.S. cities

Bloomberg Philanthropies’ new initiative illustrates how "asphalt art" makes cities safer and more vibrant.

World’s largest treehouse has burned down

The Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee, was 97-feet-tall and had 80 rooms.

Why Kanye West used a remote crater in the desert as the set for his new film

Artist James Turrell’s masterpiece, Roden Crater, serves as the backdrop for Jesus is King.

New bill aims to counter alarming rise in pedestrian deaths with funding for safer streets

The bipartisan Vision Zero Act would steer highway funds towards programs for safer transit.

Nazi-era bunker will be transformed into garden-filled hotel

An air raid shelter built by forced laborers will become a "design and lifestyle" hotel in 2021.

New transportation caucus to address equity, sustainability in federal funding

Congressional leaders want investments to prioritize climate, safety, and access to jobs.

As record number of boomers hit retirement age, inequality rampant in senior housing

Harvard’s annual state of senior housing report underscores deep challenges around inequality in an aging nation.