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Love where you live—and improve it, all the time.

Obsessing about where you live is an overwhelming concern and endless pastime. Our mission at Curbed is to advocate for the places where people live, by celebrating, chronicling, and explaining everything you need to know about homes, neighborhoods, and cities.

Since 2004, Curbed has been an integral part of the local news landscape online, and we are uniquely primed to surface relevant local issues to a broad, national audience. Unlike a glossy shelter magazine, we see homes, streets, neighborhoods, and cities as inextricably related.

If you love where you live, chances are you feel as strongly about the new park on your corner as you do about your lack of a dishwasher, or the sustainable properties of a concrete building in the desert. We’ve got you covered across 12 American cities, while our flagship site covers every place (and trend, and big idea) in between.

We want Curbed to be your go-to, wherever you are. Get our breaking news updates on Twitter, get a daily dose of place-based storytelling via Instagram, and subscribe to our individual city newsletters—as well as topic-based weekly newsletters on great homes for sale and zeitgeisty feature stories.