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Retro malls live forever in rad new photo book 

Decline of Mall Civilization captures era of perms, parking lots, and food courts.

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25 dreamy A-frame cabins we love

We’ve rounded up 25 gorgeous photos of A-frames, from lakeside stunners to snowbound charmers.

Feast your eyes on Gaudí’s whimsical stunner, El Capricho

Photographer David Cardelús takes us on a detail-filled tour of El Capricho, from the carved marble pillars to the glass-walled greenhouse in the rear of the house.

Are these the best architectural photos of 2018?

Held in Amsterdam from November 28-30, the World Architecture Festival will showcase some of this year’s best photos.

14 Instagram accounts that show our national parks in all their glory

From gorgeous campsites to stunning snow-covered mountains, these must-follow accounts will have you itchin’ to get outside and start exploring.

See brutalist buildings in the moment of destruction

A new exhibition opening next week at Pinkcomma gallery in Boston captures concrete monoliths in partial destruction, and the effect is both unsettling and thrilling.

Palms Springs midcentury architecture and its plants get the infrared treatment

Kate Ballis’s "Infra Realism" series saturates Palm Springs in radioactive pinks and blues that lend palm trees, succulents, and the straight-lined architecture of the city an otherworldly quality.

This inflatable dome is actually a giant pinhole camera

Each pinhole projects an inverted image of the surrounding environment onto its translucent interior surface, creating a hundred slightly different takes on what’s outside.

New book celebrates LGBTQ icons in their homes

‘Kings and Queens in Their Castles’ offers a glimpse into the homes of prominent members of the LGBTQ community.

20 gorgeous Christmas trees to inspire you

Should you go with white lights or colorful ones? Pack on the ornaments, or keep the tree bare? Follow a theme, or throw caution to the wind? Color-code or go rogue?

23 dreamy A-frame cabins we love

We’ve rounded up 23 gorgeous photos of A-frames, from lakeside stunners to snowbound charmers.

New photo exhibit showcases exquisite modernist architectural details

"Objects of Refinement" comprises hundreds of photographs of oft-unnoticed details from modernist buildings from around the world.

Paris university looks positively pastel in cool new photo series

The aesthetic at this public science university in Paris’s fifth arrondissement is "Her" meets "Blade Runner."

The best solar eclipse images from towns in the path of totality

Fields and backyards became makeshift tent sites and people stopped in downtown streets for the celestial event.

‘Accidental Wes Anderson’ chronicles whimsical locales in real life

A Reddit thread aptly titled "Accidental Wes Anderson" chronicles instances of life imitating auteur, full of photos of spiraling staircases, grand indoor pools, and other architectural ephemera.

20 amazing new architecture photos from around the world

Images of towers—from all perspectives—dominate, with a couple shots of infrastructure thrown in for good measure.

13 Instagrams that prove concrete is cool

Here’s a roundup of some of the world’s chillest examples of concrete architecture we found on Instagram, from the brutal to the way far-out.

Here are the 12 best drone photos according to National Geographic

The contest showcases the best shots made from high above, and the winning photographs are gorgeous, surprising, and a little bit cheeky.

18 gorgeous pools for architecture fans

Here are 18 ahh-inspiring examples of swimming pools that coexist in perfect harmony with architecture.

Majestic libraries photographed in cool new series

From Paris to Portugal, library architecture stuns, if you know where to look. Case in point: Photographer Thibaud Poirier’s new photo series.

Hidden courtyards of Italy subject of striking photo series

Bulgarian photographer Seth Vane offers new perspective on hidden spaces behind Italian streets

5 deliciously pink Instagrams to kick off your spring weekend

Here are five springy, pastel-tinged ’grams that are more than worthy of your likes.

Documerica, a photo time capsule of the '70s, should be resurrected

This nationwide documentary project by the EPA shows a diverse, changing America. We need a similar perspective today.

How cities and light pollution are ruining the wonder of the night sky

Skyglow, an incredible book of time-lapse photos, illustrates the beauty of the night sky, and what’s at risk

Bamboo biennial explores material's beauty and versatility in design

In newly released photographs, French lensmith Julien Lanoo captures the beauty and versatility of bamboo as it was explored in the inaugural bamboo biennial in 2016.

Public gallery: Documenting Philadelphia’s diverse street art scene

The photographer behind a popular blog on capturing the community behind the artwork, and why "the camera is the last thing you need."

Photos: The faded glory of India’s modernist utopian city

A new book explores the architectural gems of Chandigarh today, after decades of adaptation and decay

35 swingin' conversation pits on Instagram

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying that they’re kitschy, alluring, and impossible to get enough of.

See eerie photos of unfinished concrete buildings in Spain

In his photographs, abstract concrete frames rise up like platforms for a show that will never be mounted, often framing vast stretches of sand or water vistas to eerie effect.

How better photos can help you document, and shape, your neighborhood

Urbanist and photographer Chuck Wolfe offers a guide on using your camera to change your city

These winning photos capture the beauty of minimal architecture

Isolating a sunlit corner of a building, or the particular way a wall curves, or surprising geometries creates new ways of looking and appreciating the built environment.

Photos: Inside North America's abandoned mental health facilities

Abandoned Asylums explores North America’s state hospitals and psychiatric facilities that were constructed in the 19th century and largely closed by the 1950s.

Midcentury by moonlight: Photographer’s book showcases modern Palm Springs homes

Tom Blachford’s noirish images highlight the mystery and beauty of desert architecture.

This tiny Polish village might be the most Instagrammable spot in Europe

Residents of Zalipie, Poland have been painting their houses, churches, schools, and even their trees with bouquets of brightly colored flowers since the 1800s.

An inside look at the offices of Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, and more

Lensman Marc Goodwin, founder of photography studio Archmospheres, is pulling the curtain back on firms’ offices, giving us an inside look at where the design magic happens.

Luis Barragán’s iconic architecture recreated in evocative photography exhibit

Titled "Emotional Architecture," the show comprises "constructed photography" of Barragán’s corners, corridors, and spaces that capture the lighting and atmosphere the Mexican master is known for.

Iconic La Muralla Roja captured in stunning new photos

Designed in 1968 by the architect Richard Bofill, La Muralla Roja—the Red Wall—is a masterpiece that can never be photographed enough and Estonia-based lensman Andrés Gallardo Albajar is the latest to share its vibrant beauty.

Traffic signals take on a sinister, beguiling light in new photo series

The empty streets are visible just as far as the rays’ reach, exposing bare trees and minimal side-of-the-road landscaping. But beyond that?

Polaroid unveils compact new instant camera

The latest from the company is the Polaroid Pop digital camera, a sleek handheld unit with an LCD touchscreen clocking in at just under four inches.