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The Curbed Appeal

A podcast for people who live places

Airbnb, housing, transit: Kim-Mai Cutler on the Bay Area’s affordability crisis

A tech writer and housing policy advocate talks to us about race, class, and the region’s entrenched housing inequality.

Interior designer Nicole Gibbons is Oprah-approved

Gibbons talks to us about her famous boss, her career trajectory, and being a black woman in an often racially-exclusive industry.

The transit and infrastructure issues we're not talking about this election

Curbed’s Urbanism Editor talks living in L.A. car-free and advocating for dense, transit-friendly cities

Herman Miller archivist Amy Auscherman on the midcentury craze and what Mad Men got wrong

Amy Auscherman has the job design nerds dream of: archivist for furniture powerhouse Herman Miller. Amy joins the Appeal hosts to chat about what an archivist does, why the company needs one, and how the notoriously careful set designers of Mad Men once got it wrong.

For architect of National Museum of African American History and Culture, it's personal

Phil Freelon, one of the project’s lead architects, talks to Curbed about designing both a building and a symbol

Filmmaker Gary Hustwit on virtual reality, typomania, and Olympic architecture

The acclaimed mind behind "Helvetica" talks to Curbed about virtual reality in documentary cinema, post-Olympics infrastructure, and how his first feature-length film made typeface lovers out of laypeople.

The Curbed Appeal podcast returns on September 15

Curbed’s podcast, The Curbed Appeal, returns for its second season next Thursday, September 15, with special guest designer Karim Rashid. If you missed the first season of the podcast, here is everything you need to know.

How Architecture and City Planning Can Combat Social Inequality

Architect/author/professor Vishaan Chakrabarti is, despite everything, optimistic.

How to Curate a Design Fair: An Interview With Sight Unseen

The founders of online magazine Sight Unseen, Jill Singer and Monica Khemsurov, tell us about OFFSITE

How a Preservation-Minded Architect Respects the Past While Designing For the Present

This week's podcast guest is Brent Buck of Buck Projects.

Smart Homes Could Help Us Reach Previously Unheard of Levels of Laziness

In this week's episode of The Curbed Appeal, we're talking home tech.

Why Panic Rooms Are Going to Outlast the Pyramids

Geoff Manaugh, author of "A Burglar's Guide to the City" talks to Curbed about architectural crime, vault and safe design, and the best heist movies out there.

Architectural Renderings Are Probably Lying to You

In this week's podcast episode, we sit down with Curbed architecture critic Alexandra Lange to talk about how much we should trust architectural renderings. (It's not much.)

Times Square Isn't That Bad, Says Natasha Jen

On the fourth episode of Curbed's podcast, The Appeal, we sit down with the award-winning designer to talking signage, fonts, and more.

Get to Know Justina Blakeney, L.A. Designer, Pattern Master, and Instagram Phenom

If you're not following Los Angeles-based Justina Blakeney—designer of interiors, textiles, wallpaper and more—on Instagram, you're missing out.

The Curbed Appeal: Episode 2 With Family New York

In this episode, we talk to Family New York, the firm behind New York City's planned +Pool, the giant volcano on Kanye West’s "Yeezus" tour, and more.

The Curbed Appeal: Episode 1 With Guest Daniel Libeskind

Our first episode features guest Daniel Libeskind, the architect famous for master planning the new World Trade Center site in New York City, designing the Jewish Museum in Berlin, and many more projects.