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Pokemon Go

Ikea, Kanye West, Pokémon Go among nominees for ‘Designs of the Year’

Now in its 10th year, the competition spotlights 60 projects across six categories—architecture, digital, fashion, graphics, product, and transport.

Pokémon Go, celebrating first birthday, will host real-world events

Niantic Labs has announced a series of both in-app and in-person events rolling out over the next couple of months.

Pokémon Go wants to do more city-organized events 

The game’s creator, Niantic, just partnered with the Knight Foundation to get more people out exploring their cities.

How Pokémon Go is improving your city

Millions of new eyes—and feet—on the street

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Map: Where to catch 123 Pokémon in San Francisco

The hit new augmented reality game has taken over San Francisco. Curbed SF mapped 121 catches (and growing) across the city to help you find the neighborhood where your chase poképrize may be hiding out.

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Pokémon Go Austin: 15 nests in area parks, new and updated

n the world of Pokémon Go, it seems, the only constant is change. We have updated our map of local parks that are particularly dense with different types of Pokémon accordingly.

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Pokémon Go Austin: 15 ideal all-weather Pokéstops

Due to the recent onslaught of broiling, 100-degree days, followed by string of rain-drenched days, we thought it might be time to take our Pokémon search indoors for a while. Here are 15 of the best places we found to do just that.

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Where to catch Pokemon in Boston now (updated)

Whether you're an old hand at the augmented virtual reality game Pokemon Go or just getting started, this oft-updated map will show you the best places to play.

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Where to find Pokémon nests around Seattle (UPDATED)

Thanks to some intrepid folks at Reddit and elsewhere, we've culled the reports to find out where you need to head if you want to make sure you're collecting a very specific type of Pokémon.

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Coliseum Square Pikachu statue to be auctioned off

This weekend the Pikachu statue in Coliseum Square, aka the Pokemonument, vanished. After previously being hit by a baseball bat and vandalized, it might seem like the disappearance was the act of a Poke-hater. Actually, the statue has been donated.

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PokéDelphia lets you play Pokémon Go while touring historic sites

Philadelphia Urban Adventures has just launched PokéDelphia, a new tour that leads you to Pokemon stops and gyms throughout Old City, all while fitting in stops to historical sites along the way.

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There's a Pikachu statue in Coliseum Square

A wild Pikachu might be a rarity in Pokemon Go, but you can find one in Coliseum Square. Sometime this weekend, someone erected a statue in the park depicting the most recognizable of Pokemon. The statue is emblazoned with the hashtag #pokemonument.

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Boston among best cities for catching rare Pokemon

The city is particularly good for catching Porygon, Snorlax, and Dratini, according to an exhaustive analysis of the augmented virtual reality game. Happy hunting!

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The best Boston-area parks for playing Pokemon Go

Here are the best parks right now for catching Pokemon, including rarer ones such as Tauros, Lapras, and Chansey. Get off the beaten path. Hunt where it's less crowded and (potentially) cooler.

Pokémon Go’s lesson for parks: Embrace technology

The AR smash only hints at the possibilities of parks taking a more aggressive lead with technology

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Where to catch Pokémon in Washington, D.C.

Pokemon Go has taken the country by storm. With the new mobile game, Niantic Labs (a Google-grown company, in cooperation with Nintendo and the Pokémon Company) has reinvigorated the public to explore their cities, even at the risk of injuries.

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The top 10 most popular Pokémon Go gyms in D.C.

There’s little information about what the most popular areas are that players have been congregating at. Thankfully, Cuebiq took the time to look at the behavior of Pokémon Go users and create a top 10 list of the most visited gyms in D.C.

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Where to catch rare Pokémon in Miami

In case you haven't heard, Pokémon Go is a pretty big deal right now. In order to help fellow players find rarer Pokémon like Magmar, Abra, and Growlithe, Curbed has created this map. Are there any Pokémon or areas missing? Let Curbed know.

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Where to catch rare Pokémon in and around Seattle

There are 151 total Pokémon in the game, but what you can catch depends on your trainer level, the type of Pokéball used, and your location. Light up an incense and head on over to these locations to find some more uncommon Pokémon.

Pokémon Go: Architecture and design edition

We’ve designed nearly a dozen "Pokémon" that we think are worth coveting, especially for fans of architecture and design.

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Pokemon Go Austin: tips, hacks, dos, and don’ts

In covering the Pokémon Go phenomenon phenomenon this week, we’ve come across some tips for how and where to catch more of them, as well as how to stay out of trouble on the hunt. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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Where have you caught rare Pokémon?

Pokémon Go has taken the nation by storm, and now it's time to figure out how to make the process of catching 'em all a little bit easier. For Florida residents, Curbed is planning on creating a handy map of locations where you can find rare Pokémon.

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Where to play Pokemon Go in NYC

It should come as no surprise that the Pokemon Go craze that has swept basically everywhere this week is especially strong in New York City.

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Pokémon and pizza party tonight at Mozilla office

For Pokémon Go players seeking something a touch quieter and tad more casual, head over to Mozilla’s headquarters tonight along the Embarcadero for a Pokémon and Pizza fete.

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Where to play Pokemon Go indoors in New Orleans

A testament to the popularity of Pokemon Go is that it's drawing people outdoors, even in New Orleans' famously oppressive summer heat. But the heat's only going to get worse when August comes, so here's how to catch 'em all while staying cool, too.

Pokémon Go will launch sponsored locations

In Japan, McDonalds will be the first paying sponsor, turning 3,000 fast-food restaurants into "gyms" where players will battle it out. The world's most popular mobile game is staged to make some serious cash.

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Pokémon Go meetups, subreddits, and groups in D.C.

There is so much you need to learn to succeed at Pokémon Go. While a mobile game, it comes with its share of obstacles, such as figuring out where to find Pokémon. Rather than try to understand the game on your own, it’s better to join a group.

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Pokémon Go: Where to catch Pokémon in SoMa

Check this map of 19 sightings in SoMa for where to make a quick catch on your lunch break or post-work commute.

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See the 10 most popular Pokemon Go gyms in NYC

Cuebiq looked at the behavior of 20,000 anonymous Pokemon Go users to glean some insights about the game—specifically, where and when people are playing, and where the most popular gyms are located throughout the city. Here's what they found.

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One percent of SF's population set for Poké Crawl

If you're a person in the vicinity of the Mission, Mid Market, or Ferry Building, be warned. If you're a Charmander or Zubat, be afraid.

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Pokémon Go is getting Chicagoans outside in a big way

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Pokémon Go hit the various app stores but it’s already made a huge impact not only on Nintendo’s bottom line, but how people are interacting with public spaces.

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MTA to Pokemon Go-obsessed commuters: chill out and be safe

The MTA has taken it upon itself to warn players of the potential dangers of Pokemon’ing while underground … which are basically the same as the safety tips the MTA issues for everyone riding the train.

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Pokémon Go and U.S. Cities: All News and Updates

In a matter of days, Pokémon Go, the red-hot new mobile app game based on the popular video-game-trading-card-cartoon empire has become nothing short of a real-life phenomenon.

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Pokéstops are the newest, silliest rental amenity

This Washington, D.C. apartment isn’t the prettiest thing to look at. It’s not a large unit. It doesn’t have high ceilings. The kitchen is basically in a closet. So, what can a seller do to make renters want a tour? How about bring up Pokémon Go?

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Betaband embraces Pokémon Go phenomenon with discount deal

While some retailers have eschewed players, San Francisco clothing company Betabrand, best known for their cordarounds pant, has embraced the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Last week, they put up new Pokemon signage outside their Valencia Street location.

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Where to catch rare Pokémon in Chicago

Light up an incense and head on over to these locations to find some more uncommon Pokémon.

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Instagram pics that prove Pokemon Go has taken over NYC

And so the craze continues...

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Pokémon Go hack: Ride the bus

While Pokémon Go has helped people get up, get out, and get a better sense of the city in which they live, a few people have noticed that one great way to hit architectural spots and catch more Pokémon is by jumping on public transit.

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Every Pokéstop and gym in Seattle, mapped

Wonder no more where to go for your next Pokémon Go fix. This crowdsourced map includes every Pokéstop and gym that's been identified in Seattle as well as on the Eastside, North King County, South King County and plenty other places as well.