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Portland, Oregon

Ending housing discrimination against the formerly incarcerated

Activists are pushing local governments to prohibit landlords from considering criminal convictions.

Nab this cute Portland bungalow for $296K

Built in 1948, the two-bedroom-one-bath measures an efficient 1,320 square feet and offers plenty of communal living.

1927 English Tudor in Portland asks $1.5M

The model home was designed, built, and furnished under the supervision of the newspaper’s domestic science editor and conceived as an effort to promote the post-World War I real estate economy.

This Portland marijuana dispensary looks more like a minimalist jewelry store

It was only a matter of time before Portland got a "curated cannabis retail space."

Could Portland build a subway?

City planners are considering a subway tunnel connecting downtown with the area across the Willamette River.

A New Deal photographer’s forgotten Portland

Minor White’s photographs reveal a Portland you never knew existed.

Portland to house homeless families in backyard tiny homes

Participating homeowners would get a free tiny house for their backyards...after housing a homeless family for five years.

Can Portland survive its popularity?

Portland, Oregon is in the midst of a population boom, but the notoriously well-planned city is having trouble adjusting to the influx. Preservationists are hoping a first-of-its-kind ordinance can save some of what makes Portland so special.

Minimalist tiny home in Portland features custom furnishings

Portland-based multidisciplinary studio FIELDWORK Design & Architecture has created the Kerns Micro House, an elegant, minimalist 250-square-foot tiny home that includes gorgeous wooden furniture and storage.

Updated 1906 Victorian in Portland asks $975K

This gorgeous 1906-built, sprawling five-bedroom is located in Hawthorne, one of Portland’s most sought after neighborhoods. Completely renovated and updated for modern living, this light-flooded classic features many original details including hardwood floors, built-ins, and wainscoting.

Portland Couple Turns Garage into Breezy, Hip Home

Keyword: rent-free

This Tiny House Rotates to Catch the Sun’s Rays

Portland-based PATH Architecture has created a 144-square-foot home that sits on a rotating bezel mechanism and can be manually rotated 359 degrees to face the sun, avoid it, or change views.

This 1898 Victorian Masters the Accent Wallpaper Game

Wallpaper is back, and this charming home in Portland, Oregon shows why. Whether in bathrooms or the entryway, bright, fun wallpaper can lend an instant modern touch.