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Property Lines

Property Lines

Property Lines is a column by Curbed senior reporter Patrick Sisson that spotlights real estate trends and hot housing markets across the country.

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Why the coronavirus crisis will be a catalyst in the fight for fair housing

Rent strikes, home occupations, and how the pandemic underscores the need for housing justice.

Coronavirus rent crisis: ‘Millions of Americans will have trouble paying rent this month’

The profound economic fallout from efforts to stop the spread have made paying for housing a matter of national importance.

How colleges are trying to address homelessness among students

"What kept them from being successful in the classroom had nothing to do with the classroom."

Why we can’t build small homes anymore

The American obsession with large homes—a matter of culture, policy, and economics—restricts smaller, more affordable options.

Reno gambled with Tesla. Affordable housing paid the price.

The city’s tech-led transformation is changing downtown and straining the housing market.

Dying malls want a second chance at life

As Americans increasingly shop online and stay at home, can malls find new community appeal?

Churches divine a new role: Housing development

New city programs helping mission-based groups turn unused land into housing take aim at the affordability crisis.

How a re-energized housing movement will shape the 2020 election

On a federal and local level, candidates have bold plans for tackling affordability and equity.

Will hosting the DNC pay off for these Milwaukee neighborhoods?

City hopes event shows off West Town and brings economic benefits to businesses and homeowners, but other cities’ similar gambles haven’t paid off.

As California comes to grips with housing crisis, Texas real estate rises in 2020

Housing availability and affordability will help determine these states’ trajectories this year.

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Move-in Ready Brooklyn Townhouse

Two floors, finished basement, open-concept*New kitchen with stone counters, new bathrooms*Central air, built-in wireless sound system*673 Evergreen Ave - The Corcoran Group - (862) 823-2674

6 clever urban design ideas that all cities should steal

These small, smart innovations are worth building on in 2020.

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Ski industry’s ‘biggest crisis’ is affordable workforce housing

From Vail to Vermont, providing affordable and accessible homes for workers is an uphill climb.

Puerto Rico faces uneven and underfunded recovery

Two years after Hurricane Maria, investments in tourism and coastal property belie inequitable recovery.

Why Walmart is turning its new headquarters into a walkable town square

As retail shifts, the big-box behemoth builds a new neighborhood for talent retention.

Why boomers, not millennials, are fueling the urban apartment surge

Wealthy empty nesters looking to downsize are flocking to high-rises; in an aging nation, it’s only the start.

Houston, famed for sprawl, bets on growing up

Apartments and walkable urbanism are finding favor in the Texan metro.

How climate change creates a ‘new abnormal’ for the real estate market

A new report from the San Francisco Federal Reserve underscores how climate shifts create big investment and economic risks.

Who’s really leaving California, and why does that matter?

Many California homeowners are cashing out, picking up, and moving inland.

Sacramento, California’s booming downtown may double in size with Railyards project

It’s roughly eight times larger than New York’s Hudson Yards, this year’s big-ticket megadevelopment.

Can the right home make you live longer?

The multibillion-dollar wellness real estate industry believes air purifiers, pollution sensors, and natural materials can breathe new life into high-end homes.

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Can commuter rail save our suburbs?

As new urban transit lines expand, dense development near stations tries to reinvigorate car-centric communities.

How Tulsa is persuading digital nomads to settle down

Does the city’s plan to lure remote workers showcase the future of work and economic development?

How progressive developers are trying to remake America’s most segregated city

When Milwaukee hosts the Democratic convention, politicians should pay heed to these neighborhood redevelopment ideas.

Millennials, priced out of homes locally, shop for investment properties online

If you can’t afford a house down the block, go online and buy across the nation.

Back on campus, students confront a challenging housing market

As private developers see big dollars in dorms, college students face high housing costs.

Airbnb bets big on business travelers

The platform’s recent expansions bring it further from its homeshare roots.

Will trade tensions scare away foreign real estate buyers?

Foreign property sales were down $43 billion from last year. Is it a possible sign of the "Trump effect"?

How the megadevelopment era shapes cities today

Related has made its name with oversized, transformative urban projects. But are these projects in cities’ best interest?

As Nevada booms, Henderson and Reno grapple with growth limits

The economy is diversifying, Californians are moving in, and housing prices rise, but can the state sustain all this growth?

Amazon’s arrival in Virginia adds stress to strained housing market

The region’s experience suggests no city is ready for a project like HQ2

The nation’s most exciting park project is taking shape in North Carolina

The 308-acre Dorothea Dix Park wants to be a model for civic space.

Milwaukee’s downtown surges in advance of 2020 convention

New developments in Westown highlight increased investment in the Midwest metro.

Blight and vacant land are a national crisis for smaller cities

Efforts to reverse an "epidemic" of abandoned property, a stark sign of a stratifying economy.

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Six years after Sandy, Jersey Shore recovery shows shortfalls in the system

Questions remain about the efficacy of the government’s recovery and rebuilding strategy in today’s era of increased storm risk.

Hey, middle class, the housing crisis is coming for you next

As housing prices keep rising, Americans higher and higher up the income spectrum feel the pinch.

Hispanic homebuyers are the future of the U.S. housing market

By 2030, they’ll comprise 56 percent of all new homebuyers in the country

How Nashville plans to save Music Row, a endangered cultural treasure

As the city’s boom puts development pressure on center of country music, new preservation ideas emerge.

Are waterfront hotels ready for climate change?

On the front lines of rising seas and extreme weather, the hospitality and tourism industry recalculates real estate and insurance risks.