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Real Estate

Artist Sterling Ruby’s Compound in the Valley Comes With Outdoor Tub, Kiln Room

Ruby worked with a team of architects from SCI-Arc to design the Sunland spread.

Are the Wealthy Starting to Leave San Francisco?

Seemingly contradictory signals in housing-market data suggest that the rich are looking to bolt.

Mid-century Home With Four Bedrooms and a Huge Deck in Eagle Rock for Under $1M

The hillside home has ample walls of glass and exposed beams.

1916 L.A. Craftsman With Vintage Two-Person Trailer in the Backyard Asks $749K

The interior features an original brick fireplace, wood paneling, and built-ins.

Mid-Century on Five Acres in Wilton (Designed by Walter Gropius’s Son-in-law) Asks $1.2M

This six-bedroom property offers spacious suburban living with a pool and a guesthouse.

The Real Estate ‘Concierge’ Helping New Yorkers Find Cool Homes Outside The City

Real-estate agent Esteban Gomez sells the upstate dream to the city’s apartment-dwelling ‘creatives’.

1950s Time Capsule in L.A.’s Glassell Park Asks $889K

Look out for the beamed ceilings, brick fireplace, and vintage cooktop.

A Foreclosure Crisis Could Still Happen

Homeowners are falling behind on their payments, but government policies are keeping them in their homes.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Want This Cute Echo Park Bungalow?

It was recently renovated and comes with sweeping lake views.

’70s Orlando House With a River in the Backyard Asks $865K

The four-acre property runs along the Little Econ River.

Renovated Mid-Century in a Quiet Corner of D.C. Asks $2.3M

The revamp embraces the house’s midcentury heritage while updating the interior layout and finishes throughout.

Colorado shipping-container home on 35 acres comes with vaulted bunker for $1.65M

This custom shipping container home has it all—mountain views, balconies galore, and a secret subterranean room.

The economy is tanking. So why aren’t home prices dropping?

COVID-19 has caused volatility in seemingly everything but housing.

Is it possible the housing market is already recovering?

It’s hard to make sense of recent housing market data.

COVID-19 paused the housing market. What happens next?

Reports suggest home prices are unlikely to move.

What your landlord thinks about rent right now

Property owners juggle a widespread struggle to pay rent with their own mortgage responsibilities.

Will a coronavirus-induced recession make it easier to buy a house?

The 2008 recession yielded housing bargains in subsequent years, but during a pandemic, the housing market is simply put on pause.

The coronavirus housing crisis is just beginning

Twelve percent more Americans didn’t pay rent in April; what happens in May?

What it’s like to be a real estate agent during the COVID-19 pandemic

"I won’t be showing homes until it is safe for everybody," says Beth Lowe.

Still buying a house? Expect to embrace digital technology

From virtual showings to online notaries, the homebuying process is finally going digital in the time of coronavirus.

As coronavirus slows real estate market, agents seek support from Congress

Social distancing means "when they can’t show a property, they can’t earn a living".

John F. Kennedy’s former home hits the market with plenty of classic charm

A complete renovation updates the Washington, D.C., house for contemporary living.

What to expect when selling your house to Zillow, Opendoor

We walk you through the process of selling a house to an iBuyer so you can decide if it’s right for you.

U.S. renters are richer, older, and have larger households

A new Harvard report finds that the market is appealing to well-heeled renters, with middle-income renters feeling the squeeze.

8 questions to ask before buying your first home

To help first-time homebuyers figure out if they're ready to buy, we queried real estate experts to compile the key questions every potential homeowner should ask before sealing the deal—the most important one may surprise you.

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Is this $5.7M Vegas mansion worth its tremendous environmental cost?

This year’s New American Home has views of the Strip—and the building industry’s recklessness.

Startup targets millennial professionals with flexible, high-end rentals

Landing subleases apartments from big landlords across the country and furnishes them with custom furniture.

If you live in these counties, buy, don’t rent

According to a new study, it’s more affordable to buy a home than rent one in over half of the 855 U.S. counties studied.

Housing inventory is dropping. Here’s what that means if you’re buying a home.

Low supply means more competition and higher prices.

Why a startup is taking on the inequity of security deposits

By working with city governments to make onerous security deposits optional, Rhino wants to eliminate a barrier to affordable housing.

150-year-old farmhouse renovated into a modern home

The McPherson Farmhouse was trucked from the farm to a new location and renovated with modern luxuries in mind.

Government takes another step toward ending its control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

It’s part of a broader push by the Trump administration to end government control of the two mortgage facilitators.

In Dallas, a proposed high-rise hints at hospitality’s future

Startup Sonder plans a ground-up, 270-unit building in the city’s Arts District.

Will California’s new ADU laws create a backyard building boom?

A package of legislation passed in California may accelerate the creation of new housing in single-family neighborhoods

Updated 19th-century farmhouse asks $1.1M

The stone bones of the house were originally built in the 1820s, but the residence got an upgrade from architect Bob Hillier in the 1970s.

Origami-inspired apartment building is a fresh take on townhouses

The angular residential development manages to break out of the conventional boxy apartment building look.

Why is Indianapolis one of Airbnb’s hottest cities?

The "explosive growth" in Indy’s short-term rental market, explained.

Want to build a net-zero home? You can download these blueprints for free

HomeNZ is a competition-winning three-bedroom home design that’s all about optimal insulation.

The 10 trends that will shape real estate in 2020

The Urban Land Institute’s annual look at the year ahead finds some direction within a fog of uncertainty.