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RVs, campers, and trailers

From teardrop trailers to custom conversion vans, here are the best pop-up campers and RVs for your next adventure.

Vintage-style camper is a roving 85-square-foot home

Happier Camper’s brand new 2020 Traveler features an integrated bathroom and kitchenette for more space while traveling.

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Düsseldorf Caravan Salon: News and Updates

It’s the biggest camper trade show in the world, and the event showcases just about every type of camper imaginable, from tiny trailers to huge, expedition-ready caravans.

Remodeled Airstream is so cool we’d live in it full time

The whimsical travel trailer marries vintage kitsch with colorful design

Tiny pop-up trailer can be towed by almost any car

Dutch startup Easy Caravanning just debuted the TakeOff, a pop-up camper that sets up in under one minute.

Updated Airstream trailer unveils chic apartment-like interior

The new 2020 Airstream Classics are decked out in white Shaker-style cabinets and brass hardware for a more modern take on the classic travel trailer.

The 9 best camper vans of 2019

From a $1,000 Ikea van to a new Winnebago pop-top, here are the camper vans that impressed us this year.

The 10 best camper trailers of 2019

From futuristic teardrops to midcentury stunners, here’s what caught our eye over the past year.

A decade of #VanLife: How camper vans changed mobile living in the 2010s

Over the past ten years, the #VanLife hashtag has spawned a lifestyle movement, brought new blood into the RV industry, and inspired over 6 million Instagram posts.

5 campers pushing RV design into the future

From a camper that turns into a boat to a tiny home-inspired camper van, here are five campers leading the charge in cutting-edge design.

Is this two-story RV just too big?

Made in Australia, this oversized motorhome can go anywhere and sleep 10 thanks to a multi-story design.

22 cool gift ideas for people who love the outdoors

A curated, tried-and-tested list of the best camping gear for RV owners, van lifers, and outdoorsy folk of all stripes.

Get ready for more Airstream hotels

AutoCamp’s first East Coast location brings the iconic silver bullet travel trailers to Cape Cod.

Tiny camper trailer expands to double its size in 60 seconds

The camper nests small when towing, then transforms at camp to sleep two people comfortably.

Tesla teases electric truck with pop-up camper mode

An electric truck built for camping? Elon Musk says it will happen

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27 ski resorts where you can camp in the parking lot

If previous generations of snowbirds sought to escape the snow, today’s #VanLife campers seek it out.

The Ford camper van we wish we could buy in the U.S.

Westfalia and Ford team up for a compact, adventure-ready camper that can sleep four. But why can’t we buy it?

Cozy camper van is a $65K off-grid retreat

Maryland-based Off Grid Adventure Vans converts Ram Promasters and Ford Transits into roving homes-on-the-go.

Carbon fiber luxury RV is ready to go off-the-grid

This brand new EarthRoamer camper is stronger, stiffer, and lighter than the competition, but all that carbon fiber doesn’t come cheap.

Camper van converted with Ikea products for just $1,000

How do you convert a van on a budget? One couple turned to Swedish retailer Ikea.

Colorful camper is a bold take on van life

With a cheery yellow and red interior and room to sleep two, this sporty camper van is ready for adventure.

Glamping is hotter than ever, just ask millennials

A new report shows that glamping—staying in cabins, yurts, or safari-style tents—is a growing trend of the younger generations.

Are greener RVs coming? Winnebago invests big in electric technology

Winnebago’s first minority investment in over 60 years proves that the company sees an electric camper in the future.

With this tiny home-inspired houseboat, you can camp by land or sea

The rustic cabin can be removed from the boat deck and used as a camping trailer.

The 9 best ways to find a campsite online

We rounded up the top places to book campground reservations, from well-known sites like Reserve America to lesser-known apps.

Shabby-chic camper van is a beachy tiny home on wheels

This surf-inspired mobile beach hut was transformed from a Mercedes-Benz T2.

Lego-like camper van conversion kits let you build the RV of your dreams

A new van conversion kit from Happier Camper uses cubes that stack to form beds, a kitchen, storage—even outdoor seating.

Winnebago debuts its first-ever pop-top camper van

Winnebago is making waves—the pop-top Solis is the brand’s most affordable camper van yet and it has the ability to both sleep and drive a family of four.

How one photographer is rethinking #VanLife with a more inclusive road trip

Inspired by a group of itinerant lesbians in the 1970s, The Van Dykes Project is an oral history of queer life, love, and resilience across the U.S.

What to look for in an adventure camper van

If you want a camper that can take you skiing, surfing, or on any other adventure, here’s what you need.

Vintage 1972 camper renovated into an avocado-colored dream

The 1972 Chevy camper was completely reworked into a sleek, stylish home-on-the-go.

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Seattle’s coolest short-term camper rentals

For people who just want a taste of tiny living—or just want a cool place to stay—the Seattle area is full of airstream and other camper rentals.

Turn a Tesla into a camper with $700 bedding set

A Slovenia company called Dreamcase is upgrading the blow-up mattress, with the Tesla styling to match.

The truth about RVs

"You’re not going to buy an RV and drive it off the lot and have no hassles."

World’s first fully electric RV can now go 249 miles on one charge

This new full-size motorhome has a longer range, but is it enough?

Go-anywhere camper trailer pops up for more space

A burly new trailer from Opus tows small and then pops and slides to sleep a family of four.

Luxury off-grid travel trailer is like an ultra-modern Airstream

With the amenities and the power capabilities to function as a full-time residence, this 220-square-foot camper is prepped to go off-the-grid.

Is this tiny home-inspired camper the future of van life?

The light and airy camper feels more like a high-end apartment than a striped-down adventure rig.

This mind-boggling, two-story RV will cost millions

Created for a family of eight, this go-anywhere, multi-million dollar expedition vehicle is currently under construction in Australia.

Where to rent an RV for an epic road trip

These peer-to-peer marketplaces let you rent everything from vintage Airstreams to burly camper vans.