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Shipping Containers

Everything you need to know about shipping container homes

Are shipping container houses really more sustainable or affordable than traditional homes? Here’s what you need to know.

A shipping container house inspired by midcentury style

This bright orange shipping container house features jaw-dropping views of the Colorado mountains.

New shipping container home offers a bit of Brutalist charm

The structure is reinforced with cement panels and clad in black metal siding and large wood-framed windows to let in lots of natural light.

16 shipping containers form this sleek new development

Shipping container homes are nothing new, but this project in Oklahoma City takes it a step further in scope and elegance.

Shipping container house is a light and airy take on desert living

Architect and designer Ben Uyeda has repurposed three shipping containers into an easy, breezy Joshua Tree compound.

Shipping container building concept is part office, part sculpture

Sculptor David Mach approached his first building with an artistic eye, assembling 36 bright red shipping containers into an artfully arranged jumble.

Shipping container tiny home has a sweet roof terrace

"Helm" is built from two refurbished shipping containers that have been stacked on top of each other to create a double-height tiny home with a walk-out terrace.

The 5 best shipping container houses of 2018

We’ve rounded up five amazing shipping container houses that we loved this year.

Minimalist shipping container hotel can travel around the world

Each container measures 130 square feet and has a bathroom, living area, and a white linen bed tucked into a nook by a picture window.

Striking apartment building is made up of 140 shipping containers

The architects split the complex into two sections—one blue, one green—that slant outward to create a triangular courtyard between them.

Airy shipping container house is rich in glass and greenery

Each of the containers sits on its own level, creating a series of plant-strewn terraces and stairs that lead from one volume to the next

This new Starbucks is made from 29 shipping containers

Taipei’s first Starbucks is made out of white-washed shipping containers.

Shipping container building hosts students studying sustainable development

The campus’s main building is comprised of 17 well-worn shipping containers that were sourced from Bangkok’s nearby ports.

Sleek shipping container house asks $875K

Architect Adam Kalkin designed this 4,000-square-foot home with an array of upcycled industrial materials.

Shipping container house in the desert asks $610K

Measuring 2,969 square feet, the house was designed around two stacks of shipping containers with an expansive area in the middle.

Get this 160-square-foot shipping container house for $55K

Pasadena-based Kubed Living is selling two different models made from recycled shipping containers: a one-bedroom using two 20-foot containers and a 160-square-foot studio made from a single container.

Shipping container hotel lets you try out tiny living

On the heels of companies starting to offer sleek, customizable shipping container homes for purchase, a new trend has emerged: the shipping container hotel.

Shipping container coworking space opens in Amsterdam

Converted shipping containers are arranged and stacked around a courtyard, forming two levels comprising 150 individual work spaces and community facilities aimed at entrepreneurs.

Now you can get a shipping container bar for $20K

A slick wooden bar wraps around the outside of the container in an L shape, providing just enough space for just a handful of people to cozy up to.

Light-filled shipping container house cost just $36K to build

Las Vegas-based Alternative Living Spaces creates custom container tiny homes for under $40,000.

Shipping containers create modern college media lab

The prefab building’s double-height space and garage-door-wall make it anything but ordinary.

Shipping container home with green roof overlooks the beach

Melbourne-based Studio Edwards has perched three connected shipping containers on a hillside on the Surf Coast in Wye River, Victoria.

Major tiny house builder unveils a shipping container model

Vista C is essentially the company’s popular Vista model retrofitted within a standard 20-foot-by-8-foot shipping container.

The 5 best shipping container houses of 2017

We’ve rounded up the five shipping container houses we loved the most this year.

Handcrafted shipping container home asks $125K

The one-bedroom, one-bath shipping container home went on the market last month in Livingston, Montana.

Shipping container stadium to be built for World Cup 2022 in Qatar

The 40,000-seat arena will be fully modular, with seats, bathrooms, concession stands, and shops all housed in shipping containers.

Shipping containers make sweet holiday retreat for two

The 650-square-foot Copia Cabin is a rental for two containing a kitchen, living room, and bedroom with a king-sized bed.

Shipping containers stack up into striking ski resort lodge

Is there anything shipping containers can’t be recycled into? The answer continues to swing towards "no."

Shipping container house now available on Amazon for $36K

Wisconsin-based MODS International is selling a one bedroom, 320-square-foot shipping container house on Amazon.

This wild shipping container house concept will be built in the Cali desert

Sneakily realistic computer renderings reveal an exuberant, bombastic design outside Joshua Tree.

This $135K shipping container house lets its owners live mortgage free

Missouri couple makes an affordable, recycled home out of shipping containers.

Is this the world’s most luxe shipping container hotel?

We think so

World’s largest startup campus opens in Paris

The 366,000-square-foot former freight station now features upcycled, glass-capped shipping containers as rooms.

Shipping container gets shiny makeover for Taiwan high school

In Taipei, Taiwan, B+P Architects covered a shipping container in mirrors to house a high school art room.

Shipping containers become efficient urban farms in Brooklyn

Each container packs two acres worth of farmland in under 320 square feet, producing crops ranging from lettuce to tuscan kale.

Two shipping containers fuse into off-grid nature getaway 

The owners get power from a rooftop solar array and fresh water from a nearby creek.

Shipping containers repurposed for off-grid home in South Africa

Sustainable design with modern style

Modern shipping container home

These efficient modern prefabs raise the bar for shipping container homes

Launched last spring, Honomobo builds modern homes, offices, studios, multi-family complexes, and more out of shipping containers. Now, after about a year of work, the company has a number of built projects to share.

Glass-walled shipping container makes scenic shelter in Argentina

With wood-plank floors and ceiling, wispy curtains, and vintage furniture, the whole space is going for a rustic-chic vibe complementary to the pastoral surroundings.