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Shipping Containers

Shipping containers become pop-up banks in rural South Africa

The prefab, modular buildings take three months to manufacture and a few weeks to install. Each facility comprises separate modules for ATMs, bank teller windows, and offices.

New shipping container kit has all you need to start a small farm

We’ve seen many a clever shipping container building, but rarely one that so effectively combines transportability with community impact. But here comes Farm From a Box.

Inside a clever shipping container hostel in Vietnam 

Built with repurposed shipping containers and old shutters and windows, Ccasa Hostel blends character and style. Take a closer look.

Shipping containers make up this sleek Japanese kindergarten

The shipping container seems infinitely adaptable, whether functioning as a standalone tiny home, or as a section of a larger construction. It makes sense, then, that putting several of them together can also make for a forward-thinking school.

A slick tiny house carved from a shipping container

It’s a tiny house...It’s a shipping container...It’s your favorite micro-home trends mashed up into one! This 312-square-foot abode is a brand spanking new tiny house converted from a shipping container, with about a third of it carved out to form a covered porch.

New floating shipping container dorms offer an affordable alternative

Urban Rigger is a startup that builds modular floating dorms out of shipping containers meant to occupy urban harbors.

12 shipping containers form this bold pavilion in China

Using a dozen shipping containers—half in red, half in yellow for a very patriotic palette—People's Architecture Office built a striking pavilion with lots of interior seating and shaded walkways under cantilevered units. Oh, roof terraces!

Asymmetric shipping container house thinks outside the box

Designed by architect Josué Gillet of studio 2A Design, the angular Flying Box House lies on a site in the French town of Orgères, and comprises three stories of stacked shipping containers.

Inside the Shipping Container Room You Can Take Anywhere

The sturdy, no-nonsense freight container is highly adaptable and user-friendly as a general space.

Shipping Containers Become Daring Vineyard Lookout Tower 

The unglamorous shipping container continues its advance into modern architecture with this striking lookout tower and wine-tasting facility in Tasmania. Here, timber-clad containers intersected with other containers frame incredible views of the natural landscape.

8 Shipping Containers Combine to Create Surprisingly Luxurious Home in Mexico

For his clients, a Mexican architect combined eight shipping container units to form this house outside Tijuana, creating a 2,700-square-foot home with creature comforts.

Dashing Shipping Container Research Center Rises in 9 Months

Michigan's Second Shipping Container Home Has Landed