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Show & Tell

Welcome to Show & Tell, a column dedicated to everything Curbed editors and readers are obsessed with in our homes. From the underrated to the elusive, from the joy-sparking to the life-saving, these are the objects, wish lists, habits, and shopping quests that we can’t wait to tell you about.

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The beloved digital frames that preserve 40,000 photos on my walls

A pair of early-2000s digital photo frames evolves with my home and keeps all my memories alive.

My electric kettle that looks as cute as ‘real’ stove kettles  

I was a stove kettle devotee until I found this dashing red electric one, which also matches some of my favorite things.

The sculptural bookshelf practical enough for small spaces

This spine-like shelf helped my space look "design-y" without being an actual stack of books on the floor.

My French wine pitcher that elevates dinner into dining

While living in Paris for several years in the late aughts, I marveled at how my French friends hosted an impromptu dinner party. The key? A humble wine pitcher.

My ‘closet’ chair is the lazy person’s ideal storage

The chair, a Shaker-style ladder-back restored by my dad, makes the case for fixer-upper furniture.

What are you obsessed with in your home?

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My best Black Friday purchase brings me joy all year

Last year, I got my first dinnerware set—a 12-piece Noritake collection—and it makes every meal feel gourmet.

Why the only tablecloth I use is plastic

The one item that makes me feel like I can have it all—beauty and function, woven together—is my acrylic Provençal tablecloth.

The custom closet system that keeps my family's chaos at bay

For the first time in my life, my closet wasn’t just a jumble of sagging shirts on leftover metal coat hangers. Everything had a place.

This cat tree is not ugly—plus my pet loves it

We decided to look into cat trees that weren’t ugly—and that’s when we found the Vesper V-Base cat tree.

The monstera is the very best houseplant

Trust me: This hardy houseplant can survive your neglect and laziness.

These sheer curtains are addictive—and 20 percent off right now

These inexpensive pieces of white fabric, effortless yet fussy, tied my space together.

The smart plug that could make you love home tech is on sale for Prime Day

I never considered myself one for smart-home technology—until I discovered the magic of a Wi-Fi-enabled plug that can be switched on or off from anywhere.

The only towels I will ever need start at $3

How could I continue this date when underneath my clothes I was a forest-green version of Teen Wolf?!

This is the best bed sheet set you can buy

I’ve evangelized about these crisp cotton percale sheets to all my friends and colleagues.

Love, loss, and my Noguchi lamp

I didn’t want a physical relic of our relationship to be bland and inoffensive, expected and tasteful.

These Art Deco candleholders are like little brass sculptures

The brass candleholder was designed by Swedish artist Ivar Ålenius-Björk for the Scandinavian Pavilion of the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

The perfect high-design, playfully industrial dresser

"I like that you’re able to see all the mechanics of it, which I think is really romantic."