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The Strategist

The Strategist

Curbed is sharing our favorite recommendations for everyday things from our friends at the Strategist.

The Caddies and Shelves I Depend on to Keep My Bathroom Organized

These organizers take no effort to install and are an excellent way to keep your bathroom space immaculate.

What Are the Best Love Seats and Small Sofas?

Designers’ picks for everything from a striking geometric number to a small, timeless camel leather couch.

11 Standing Desks, Vetted 11 Different Ways

Our picks range from a minimalist Scandinavian desk that transforms with a flip of its lid to a motorized, adjustable-height standing desk beloved by the editors at the Verge.

The Best Storage Bins for Every Room, According to Professional Organizers

The options organizing professionals reach for the most when tackling any client’s space.

How to Paint a Room Smarter

One of the easiest ways you can change up your space is with paint.

What Are Some Cute Hooks to Hang Masks on by a Door?

The Strategist’s advice column rounds up some favorites.

The Best Desk Lamps, According to Architects and Interior Designers

Their picks come at a range of prices and include something for just about everyone.

How to Hang Pictures, Mirrors, and Plates, According to an Expert

Hanging stuff on the wall is easier than you might think

How to Keep Your Apartment Cool (With or Without AC)

Check out these pro tips from artists, interior designers, and smart appliance installers.

The Best Products for Organizing Your Fridge, According to Organization Experts

Forgetting about those scallions you bought last month or struggling to fit cans of seltzer in the crisper? It’s time to organize your fridge.

The best cooling weighted blankets, according to experts

Sleep experts and health specialists share the best cooling weighted blankets on the market.

The best plants to buy from Amazon’s (continuously growing) selection

Editors at the Strategist pick the best options for plant-parents of all gardening levels, fit for those with floor space or a bare windowsill alike.

The best patio chairs, according to interior designers

No matter the size of your outdoor space, a great patio chair can transform any yard, balcony, or terrace.

These 12 things will make a tiny home feel much bigger

The affordable, off-the-shelf products work hard to make a tiny home feel (and sometimes even look) much grander than it is.

The best room dividers, according to interior designers

Revamp your space with these bookshelves, curtains, and screens.

This $113 shelving unit turned my cluttered kitchen into an organizer’s dream

It provides ample space for every single bottle, can, and jar in my pantry, along with several of small appliances.

The best shoe racks and organizers, according to professional organizers

Over a dozen professional organizers offer their recommendations for boxes, shelves, racks, and more.

The best sleeper sofas, according to interior designers

These options cover a range of costs, sizes, and styles.

This plug-in dryer is like a salad spinner for my clothes

Watching it work is like a magic show for extremely bored people trapped in their homes during a pandemic.

This $50 wall ladder is like having an extra closet

Everything gets its own rung. Stuff is off the ground, off the chair, and I can see it all.

I used this easy-to-install shelving to create a walk-in closet in my apartment

It provides space enough for all of the clothes we wear day in and day out, plus coats and seasonal items.

The DIY Donald Judd furniture guide

Hobbyists show you how to use the minimalist artist as a reference point.

What are the best candlesticks?

Designers and candle obsessives share their favorites, from all-natural picks to budget-friendly finds.

Laundry day is a bit less chaotic thanks to this nifty over-door drying rack

Despite its small footprint, the hanging rack is quite sturdy.

19 design-y decor ideas (from an architect)

An architect shares how she brings home of-the-moment design trends on a budget.

The 8 best compost bins

Trying to embrace sustainable living this year? Consider these composting ideas straight from environmental experts.

23 cheap (but expensive-looking) desk accents

Make your desk more homey with these affordable upgrades, selected by our friends at the Strategist.