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Tiny Homes

Gorgeous tiny house oasis built for paradise

Savvy design choices help the 260-square-foot-home live large in Hawaii.

Off-grid circular tiny home available for preorder

The 290-square-foot space can be reconfigured with walls controlled by a system of ropes, pulleys, and cranks.

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5 cool prefab backyard sheds you can buy right now

Whether used for a home office or yoga studio, backyard sheds are an easy way to make the most of your property.

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South End studio asks $430,000 for its 295 square feet

Don’t laugh—starter homes are hard to come by in the coveted Boston enclave. Plus, check out the roof deck.

A luxury shipping container home designed for fire-prone areas

Buhaus, a combination of "Malibu" and "Bauhaus", is an elevated take on the shipping container home, emphasizing clean lines and functionality.

5 tiny houses you can buy on Amazon

An increasing number of tiny homes—think geodesic domes, shipping containers, and cabins—can now be ordered on Amazon.

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5 Austin open houses to check out this weekend

Most of these are located in South Austin for your convenience.

Futuristic prefab home comes with AI assistant

Nestron’s Cube models come outfitted with built-in furniture, solar panel roofs, and an AI assistant named Canny.

Angular tiny house is inspired by a folded leaf

The client wanted a home that was simple and connected to nature. The architects took the idea a step further and mimicked nature itself.

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Tiny Eastie two-bedroom packs a lot in

The Jeffries Point spread runs to just 509 square feet, but it does include a private deck. And the price might be right.

With this tiny home-inspired houseboat, you can camp by land or sea

The rustic cabin can be removed from the boat deck and used as a camping trailer.

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Itty-bitty boxy houseboat asks $325K by Gas Works Park

A classic houseboat design makes perfect use of a tiny space

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Vintage 1930s home holds style surprises

The Hancock classic is on the market for $615K

These tiny backyard studios can be used for anything you want

Designed as a low-fuss alternative for people looking for a little extra room, each EscapeSpace comes fully built and ready to use.

100-square-foot tiny house designed for indoor-outdoor living

The design effectively doubles the cabin’s livable space with four deck areas.

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Tiny houseboat Carrot is 200 square feet of nautical living

Outside, this Lake Union houseboat has a tugboat-style design. Inside, it’s a cozy cabin.

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Six new ‘tiny homes’ financed, another six nearly complete

The "small" community for low-income residents is getting bigger.

All-black tiny home is powered by solar panels

The interior embraces minimal Scandi style with pale wood, black accents, clean lines, and smart details.

Just how eco-friendly are tiny homes? Very, according to new research

Maria Saxton studied the habits of 80 recent tiny home buyers and found that most tiny home dwellers reduced their energy consumption by 45 percent upon downsizing.

This $11K tiny home is designed to perch on rooftops

The layout is small but efficient with a compact kitchen, bathroom, and lofted bedroom—all in 39 square feet.

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Measure to reduce barriers to building ADUs in Seattle gets mayoral boost

After half a decade of planning, changes to laws governing backyard cottages are on the way—with more experimentation ahead on making them feasible.

Amazon is selling a tiny cabin for $19K

The 292-square-foot cabin takes two adults about two to three days to build.

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Kasita tiny home included in Eastside property asking $1.19M

A vacation property in popular East Cesar Chavez has two houses and loads of possibilities

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Seattle City Council votes to reduce barriers to building ADUs

After half a decade of planning, changes to laws governing accessory dwelling units—like backyard cottages and mother-in-law apartments—are on the way.

Amazon is selling a $1,200 geodesic dome kit for your backyard

The Garden Dome Igloo is a 12-foot dome kit that can work as a backyard retreat, glamping tent, or kids play area.

Tiny home in Japan shows how little space we really need

This house by architect Takeshi Hosaka is a cleverly efficient use of 200 square feet.

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‘Knot Home’ houseboat offers exposed grain and waterfront decks for $440K

Covered in cedar and birchwood, this houseboat is built for both basking in the sun and cozying up inside.

Amazon’s viral $7K tiny house is back in stock

Measuring 172-square-feet, the backyard guesthouse takes two people just eight hours to build.

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ADU legislation can move forward after clearing appeal

An appeal to ADU reform wasn’t successful (this time)—and the city council is getting ready to fine-tune the policy

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Philly architects win AIA award for ‘tiny tower’ design

It’s designed like a mini skyscraper—at only 38 feet tall

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Remembering earthquake shacks, San Francisco's original tiny homes

The 1906 magnitude-7.8 quake resulted in an immediate need for housing.

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Houseboat ‘Pied a Mer’ listed for $330K

It’s a pied-à-terre on the sea (or, in this case, lake)—get it?

Circular tiny home transforms with sliding walls

A new tiny home concept reimagines compact living as a round, convertible space

Floating prefab tiny home is not your average houseboat

Kodasema’s new minimalist design, the Koda Light Float, sits atop of pontoons, allowing it to float at a dock or hitch to a boat.

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‘Tiny homes’ make up less than two percent of SF sales

But nearly a quarter of rentals are less than 500 square feet.

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Bay Village one-bedroom with new kitchen on sale for under $500,000

The tiny home is one of two spreads in a circa-1899 building.

Prefab tiny cabin inspired by the airplane arrives flatpacked

The cabin is lightweight enough to stand on stilts or hang from a tree like a giant ornament.

5 tiny house designs perfect for couples 

These designs provide plenty of storage and privacy, offering lots of room for love.

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Itty-bitty Wallingford houseboat listed for $285K

It packs a lot of cute into a tiny space