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Tiny Homes

Modern prefab cabin is now available to order

Monocabin measures 280 square feet and is easy to assemble, thanks to the modular concrete panels that make up its walls.

 Travel trailer is a cozy tiny house on wheels

Made to survive Colorado’s cold temperatures, this camper feels more like a small apartment than a cramped RV.

Bright pink tiny home was designed to free you of mortgages

Built on a flatbed trailer with a hitch that connects to a car, Magenta is designed for on-road living.

Tiny houses are thriving in the Sims 4 video game

For a growing number of players of Sims 4, a dream home means a modest micro dwelling plopped onto a small plot of land.

10 must-see tiny houses from 2018

From good-looking builds that embraced larger design trends to one-of-a-kind gems, here are the tiny homes that stood out from the pack this year.

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Fort Point studio with ‘industrial feel’ drops for more than $1,200 a square foot

Tiny home includes an in-unit washer-dryer and access to 319 A’s shared spaces. What’d you think?

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Snug Beacon Hill studio trades for $1,000 a foot

The 405-square-foot spread, off a gated courtyard and in a building dating from 1890, was listed in late October for $399,000.

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Tiny yellow fixer-upper in East Hampton seeks $650K

The house itself has just two bedrooms and one bathroom, but there’s plenty of room for expansion on 1.5 acres of land. Built in 1940, there’s also a loft, a full basement, and hardwood floors.

This high-tech Airstream takes tiny living on the road

And to Burning Man

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A tiny house festival is coming to Slidell

Expect workshops, live music, and more than 30 diminutive domiciles at the celebration of all things tiny

The modern farmhouse goes tiny

Now you can get a tiny house that has all the benefits of the modern farmhouse style, only, you know, much smaller.

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Tiny North Sea home asking $539K is less than 600 sq. ft.

Inside the 588-square-foot cottage, there are just two bedrooms and one bathroom, plus a living room and a kitchen. This no-frills house includes an open floorplan, vaulted ceilings, and a bay window—making it a good starter home or a low maintenance East End retreat.

This guest house’s walls tilt to maximize space

The Hive has an unusual "beehive-inspired" shape that bows outward from its foundation.

Ultra-stylish tiny house comes with fold-down deck

The design features a single loft for two, plus a convertible sofa U-shaped sofa that transforms into a queen size bed in a pinch.

Clever two-story tiny house has an extendable roof

The 300-square-foot timber abode on wheels has a roof that expands from a road-legal 12.5 feet to a luxurious 17.5 feet when raised.

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Beacon Hill studio asks $375,000 for its 252 square feet

The location might carry the day for the unit wanting nearly $1,500 a square foot. What’d you think?

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Skinny Old City bi-level asks $230K

It’s 619 square feet

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Tiny house in Medford on sale for under $200,000 as a development opportunity

The cottage near Fells Reservation does come with some caveats.

Tiny treehouse is completely transparent

Built from thick panes of glazing, the 75-square-foot structure is a literal glass house—gabled roof and all.

You can now stay in a tiny house powered by coffee

The tiny house runs on a biofuel blend of 80 percent coffee oil extracted from coffee grounds.

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The smallest home listed in San Francisco wants $650K

The kid’s got potential.

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Small-home village takes big step to end homelessness

Community First! breaks ground for expansion with plans to double its current size

Prefab home concept appears to float above the landscape

Tenka is a series of lightweight prefabricated home designs that rest atop pillars while embracing the deck.

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Fix up a tiny 985-square-foot beach cottage in Noyac for $699K

It needs some work, but if you’re seeking a low-maintenance East End home, this could be just the space you’ve been looking for.

These tiny prefab cabins let you live anywhere in the world

The cabins are aimed at "urban nomads," an upwardly mobile, city-hopping young professional whose concept of home has spurred a movement of flexible, stylish, hotel-like living arrangements.

8 tips for renovating a small space

Interior designer Jessica Helgerson, tiny home designer and inhabitant, shares her time-tested strategies.

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250-square-foot ‘Ina Mae’ houseboat is a little floating clubhouse

It comes with owned moorage, too

Apartment-like camper expands to four times its size

The ioCamper can be used on the go or as a permanent tiny guesthouse.

Tiny house tries indoor-outdoor living with sliding roof

This tiny home has not one but two lofts, and one of them opens directly to the great outdoors.

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Adorable City Island cottage with inviting backyard wants $385K

The single-story home features two bedrooms and one bathroom

5 impressive tiny houses you can order right now

Sometimes, the best tiny house is the one that's all ready to go. So without further ado, here are five of the coolest designs you can get your hands on at the moment.

These tiny prefab cabins are the definition of sleek Scandinavian style

The cabins, which range from a 161-square-foot studio to a 430-square-foot, two-bedroom house, can be tweaked to include specific features like a sauna or bespoke furniture.

Tiny house channels the glamour of the theater

This custom home is designed with cinematic touches that are inspired by the owners’ daughter’s love of the theater.

Tiny house rental program designed to earn you extra cash

Would you be a tiny house landlord?

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Austin tiny house can be yours for less than $48K

Architect-built home offers sweet, small living, efficiently and attractively designed

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This tiny Montauk home with a glass dining room is asking $830K

The kitchen is very spacious considering the limited square footage that the house provides. Features include hardwood floors, updated cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and plenty of storage and countertop space.

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Tiny house convention packs in simple-living tips and small-home demos

National jamboree is Austin’s first, pulls into town this week

Quirky tiny ‘hobbit house’ can be rented for your next retreat

At 170 square feet, it’s compact, but there’s still room for a full bathroom, loft bed, serviceable kitchen, and a seating area.

This tiny house comes with a conversation pit, sort of

It has an inward-facing built-in lounge area that pulls triple duty with storage under the floor and banquette seating that fold out into a bed.