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Micro Week

Micro Week

A celebration of all things small—from towns and tiny houses to micro apartments and modular furniture.

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The 10 smallest houses for sale in Seattle right now

These ten houses ranging from 500 to 720 square feet are the tiniest on the market in Seattle.

5 impressive tiny houses you can order right now

Sometimes, the best tiny house is the one that's all ready to go. So without further ado, here are five of the coolest designs you can get your hands on at the moment.

Tiny house financing: What you need to know

As the tiny house industry matures, options for financing these alternative dwellings are slowly emerging.

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The 10 smallest condos for sale in Seattle right now

When we think of tiny abodes, sometimes we think of tiny houses right away. But there’s another option, and it comes in tiny a whole lot more often: condos.

12 tiny house hotels to try out micro living

From Portland to New York, where to vacation in less than 400 square feet.

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A 1972 Airstream is transformed into a Brooklynite's colorful live-work space

Brooklyn stylist and vintage lover Alexandra Archibald purchased a vintage trailer to use as both her home and a base for her shop, Petite Tenue.

3 home tech ideas for your tiny space

"Home tech? how’s that going to help?" you say. Well, we’ll tell you.

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4 Hamptons homes for sale under 700 sq. ft.

There are quite a few gems out there in the Hamptons that are under 700 square feet in size. Let’s look at four of them.

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The next wave of New York City micro hotels

The rooms may still be small, but good design and hip communal spaces set these new micro hotels apart.

How I found the 350-square-foot studio apartment I didn’t know I wanted

After a fire, a writer decides—with help and luck—to trade rental life for homeownership.

Modular tiny homes made of hemp could solve workforce housing

Made with industrial hemp, these tiny homes aim to solve the housing crunch in pricey cities like Aspen and Montauk.

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Classic tiny cabin by Denny Creek is just big enough

Only $82.5K, only 500 square feet, only a drive away

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Big Reveal: $349K for a tiny home in Fitler Square

Welcome back to Pricespotter! How close did readers come to guessing the actual price tag on this one-bedroom charmer?

A tiny house movement timeline

You could trace the tradition of small living back to the first days humans spent in caves, but the modern-day tiny house movement is easier to track.

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5 tiny studios for rent in new Philly high-rises

This week’s special edition of Curbed Comparisons looks at small studios for rent at various price points in new apartment high-rises.

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Seattle's coolest short-term tiny house rentals

Try these tinies on for size.

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15 of Philly's shortest historic streets, mapped

Philly is known for its many charming side streets, but which of them offer the shortest stroll? We found out.

Our fridges, ourselves

After moving in with an expat, writer Jessica Furseth learns how much of what we do, think, and prefer in our homes is culture, not nature.

These Dutch tiny houses were designed for the homeless 

The studio designed the dwellings as a more permanent and energy-efficient solution to the typically temporary accommodations.

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A tiny house on wheels is ready to roll in La Conner

The builder fit a spa into this 239-square-foot home.

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5 NYC studios that prove small spaces can be stylish, too

These tiny apartments don’t compromise when it comes to style—check out five studios for sale that are have clearly been given some decor love.

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How much for a tiny two-story in Fitler Square?

For this week’s Pricespotter, we’re looking at a charming two-story abode in Fitler Square with just one bedroom.

Which tiny house should you buy?

Whether you want to get away from it all, to become more financially stable, or to live life more simply, tiny homes could be a solution. But which tiny home is right for you?

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Gut renovation transforms a dated studio into an airy apartment with space to entertain

An architect faces a new challenge: designing a space for himself.

Are tiny homes more hype than housing solution?

Advocates and cities see challenges and opportunities in tiny homes’ path to the mainstream

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10 Tiny House Villages for Homeless Residents Across the U.S.

Micro dwelling communities are a trending idea around the country. Here's a look at 10 examples from the last decade.

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The 10 tiniest condos for sale in Philly

You can live right on Rittenhouse Square and have a great view—in a 439-square-foot studio. Plus, nine other small-footprint condos for sale in Philly.

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Tiny Boston houseboat with two bedrooms for sale for $49,000

The 31-year-old Chris Craft Catalina 362 powerboat docked off Constitution Road in Charlestown is a mere 360 square feet. Nevertheless, the vessel manages to pack in a ton to such a tight space.

Tiny homes for sale: 3 petite properties across the U.S.

Here are three petite properties on offer that may be small in size but mighty in spirit.

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Five of the most affordable Seattle-area homes under 500 square feet

Affordability meets minimalism, naturally.

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The strange story of what was once NYC’s smallest plot of land

The Hess Triangle, a plot of land measuring just two square feet, was created out of spite and remains a West Village landmark to this day.

9 tiny homes you can rent right now

From a tiny cottage in New York to a minimalist stunner in Seattle, here are 9 tiny homes available for a tiny-living vacation.

California beach cottage asks a cool $1.5M

Although it’s slightly larger than what is typically considered a tiny house, this petite property comes with all the charm and efficiency of a smaller home.

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The smallest NYC apartments for sale

These itty-bitty Manhattan studios all measure 300 square feet or less, but that doesn’t mean you won’t pay Manhattan prices for them.

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Family of Bavarian tiny homes available for little Leavenworth getaways

Leavenworth's Bavarian architecture is cute enough on its own, but shrink those houses to an itty-bitty size and it reaches a new level.

This modular solar panel system can be embedded just about anywhere

Platio incorporates recycled plastic into solar pavers, benches, and decks.


New book lets you fold paper models of Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces

While few can build full-scale replicas of Fallingwater, almost anyone with an X-Acto knife can now construct paper models of Wright’s most iconic buildings.

8 tiny homes you can rent right now

From a tiny cottage in New York to a minimalist stunner in Seattle, here are 8 tiny homes available for rent right this second.

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Mapping New Orleans' smallest parks

New Orleans has some big, beautiful parks—City Park and Audubon Park are the behemoths—but there's something about the respite a small park tucked in a neighborhood affords. These parks are perfect for picnics or just catching some quiet time.