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Should you be buying that online right now?

The COVID-19 pandemic reveals the high social cost of internet shopping.

Watch Curbed’s panel on designing streets that save lives

Transportation leaders discuss how to protect people walking and biking in a post-COVID-19 world.

Transit is in trouble due to coronavirus. This Green New Deal plan could help.

Zero-emission transportation policy recommendations could provide climate-friendly economic stimulus.

Join Curbed for an online conversation on designing safer streets

We’re turning our SXSW panel into a webinar anyone can attend.

You’re right, traffic is worse. Expanding highways and building more roads is to blame.

More roads, more money, more traffic: a new report argues America’s transit policy gridlock is costing us billions of dollars.

Fix your intersection, fix your city

Our intersections are too dangerous. Here’s some expert advice for making them safer for everyone.

140 countries just pledged to eliminate traffic deaths. The U.S. did not.

The Stockholm Declaration is the safe streets equivalent of the Paris climate agreement.

Safe streets are the best tool we have to combat climate change

Driving short trips because walking and biking doesn’t feel safe is one reason transportation emissions keep going up.

Everything you need to know before buying an electric bike

Riders and experts answer your questions about e-bikes.

Where the Democratic primary candidates stand on transportation

Michael Bloomberg’s new plan focusing on walking, biking, and transit raises the bar for candidates.

Car ads are bad for our cities

Why can car companies drive recklessly on the very streets where people have been killed by reckless drivers?

How Paris became a cycling success story—and built a roadmap for other cities

The City of Light became the City of Bike, and U.S. cities should take notice.

How better bus lanes can fix everyone’s commute

New York’s 14th Street Busway suggests better transit leads to more riders, fewer cars on the road, cleaner air, and an improved commute.

How the country’s deadliest city for pedestrians plans to save lives with safer streets

In Orlando, ground zero of the pedestrian safety crisis, a mayor’s traffic reform goals are put to the test.

Bloomberg’s transportation plan envisions walkable, transit-rich neighborhoods

"One part of the plan that’s really important is getting people out of cars," says advisor Janette Sadik-Khan.

Can self-driving cars really make cities safer?

New federal policy announced by USDOT head Elaine Chao would make autonomous vehicle regulation largely voluntary.

Will Elon Musk’s Boring Tunnel Really Be Public Transit?

The "people mover" being built in Vegas appears to be more of a mechanism for giving one-minute test rides in Teslas.

How a city the size of Washington D.C. eliminated pedestrian deaths

Reducing the number of cars in Oslo reduced the number of traffic fatalities.

Free transit isn’t enough. Transportation needs to be a right.

Candidates are proposing universal health care and universal free college—what about universal transportation access?

How bike share became the decade’s biggest transit success story

Over the last ten years, bike share has proven to be safe and sustainable for cities. So what happens next?

Clever bus stop features rotating pods to shield passengers from the wind

The cocoon-like shelters were informed by research that found people prefer to stand or lean rather than sit while waiting for the bus in the cold.

10 ways our cities failed us this decade

We let big tech take over and dragged our feet on climate, but it’s not too late to change.

Kansas City becomes first major U.S. city to make public transit free

Can the Missouri city’s free bus system save transit ridership?

These mayors pledged to reduce emissions. Why are they widening highways?

Some Climate Mayors make big promises on the international stage, but expand fossil-fuel infrastructure at home.

Want to get people to fly less? Stop funding billion-dollar airport expansions.

Flight shaming should be directed at officials building fossil-fuel infrastructure, not passengers.

What it’s really like to give up plane travel

A design journalist attending a sustainability-minded architecture fair reflects on her experience traveling from London to Oslo by train instead of a plane.

New housing development in Arizona won’t allow residents to bring cars

Culdesac Tempe, a 1,000-person rental development that just broke ground, won’t allow personal cars to be driven or parked on site.

Strava’s new tool lets smaller cities unlock their transportation data

Moving from GIS to a web platform makes Strava’s data more accessible to cities with less resources.

Colorful street transformations coming to 10 U.S. cities

Bloomberg Philanthropies’ new initiative illustrates how "asphalt art" makes cities safer and more vibrant.

New bill aims to counter alarming rise in pedestrian deaths with funding for safer streets

The bipartisan Vision Zero Act would steer highway funds towards programs for safer transit.

Can autonomous scooters solve sidewalk clutter?

Tortoise believes its tech can help reposition scooters and make micromobility more efficient.

New transportation caucus to address equity, sustainability in federal funding

Congressional leaders want investments to prioritize climate, safety, and access to jobs.

Every bus in this country deserves its own lane

Freeing our buses could fix a lot of our problems.

Amazon deliveries to go green with electric vans 

The company recently put in an order for 100,000 electric vans that will handle all shipping operations by 2030.

How cycling advocate Yashar Vasef gets around Portland

Using a $99 pass, he can access the city’s streetcar, light rail, buses, bike share—and even car share.

6 ways trip-planning apps can change your commute

From navigating the best route to fare integration tools like Apple Pay, smartphones are a catalyst for making better transportation choices.

Climate Strike: Why transportation is key for these student activists

How they’re getting to today’s marches matters.

8 most beautiful subway stations in the U.S.

With rich history, unique architecture, and cultural references steeped in their specific locales, these eight stations are well worth a visit.

Mayors are fighting the EPA’s emissions rollback. What cities need are fewer cars.

City leaders will make a bigger climate impact by helping people avoid driving in the first place.