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Does LA, NYC, or SF reign supreme when it comes to public transit?

Curbed editors compete for the title

101 ways to improve transportation in your city

These small things can make a big impact

Transportation Week

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When Chicago’s Yellow Line was the future of urban transportation

The CTA’s oddball suburban feeder route originated as a federally funded experiment in the future of transportation. And it succeeded beyond anybody’s wildest expectations.

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The future of New York City transit in every borough

From the BQX in Brooklyn and Queens to revamps of NYC’s major airports, here are some of the ways that New York transit could change in the next few years.

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California high-speed rail: Everything you need to know

Tracking a project of this magnitude is, of course, a bit of a challenge, which is why we’ve put together this handy explainer.

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Seattle’s best neighborhoods for living car-free

No matter what flavor of multimodal you are, there’s a neighborhood for you in the Emerald City—no personal vehicle required.

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A love letter to Glen Park’s Brutalist BART station

This unsung hero of "brooding grandeur" is the Bay Area’s most stunning transit station, period.

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Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and COVID-19: Guide and updates

How to get around when you’re on the ground—during a pandemic

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Metro’s Regional Connector is bringing new subway stations to Downtown LA

Here’s a guide to a very un-flashy transit project that will have a big impact.

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Atlanta’s most walkable, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, ranked

When it comes to walkability and transit access, downtown Atlanta shines—relatively speaking.

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Austin’s best neighborhoods for car-free living, ranked

Places where it’s easy to get around via foot, bicycle, or public transit

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The most walkable neighborhood in each NYC borough

Ranking the walkability, transit access, and biking infrastructure in each of New York City’s boroughs.

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Did a conspiracy really destroy LA’s huge streetcar system?

It’s long been suggested that the city’s old transit network fell victim to a conspiracy by automakers to create more demand for cars.

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These old photos show the evolution of transportation in LA

The city was once a public transportation wonderland.

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The ultimate guide to JFK Airport

Everything you need to know about JFK Airport, from where to eat to the best spot for grabbing a cab.

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10 must-follow Instagram accounts for NYC subway lovers

Whether you love old maps, vintage signage, or hot dudes reading, these Instagram accounts devoted to the subway system have you covered.

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A beginner’s guide to biking in San Francisco

What you need to know before putting foot to pedal in the city.

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Ranking 17 New Orleans neighborhoods from most to least walkable

Every New Orleans neighborhood has something worth seeing. Whether its the compact French Quarter or the lower 9th Ward, the city has monuments worth visiting and streets worth taking leisurely strolls.

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Can you identify these BART stations?

Blue and red ceramic tiles. Hexagonal bubbles. Granite squares. Crescent shapes. The unique designs on BART station platforms are a sight to behold.

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The L train “slowdown” begins today: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about the 15-month closure of service between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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Philly’s five most walkable neighborhoods

Look in greater Center City neighborhoods if you want to get from point A to point B by foot.

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The best scenic stops along Montauk Highway

Take a stop along your drive

The 14 most beautiful airports in the world

To see how airport design has gone from drab to fab, we’ve rounded up the 14 most beautiful airports currently operating around the world.

14 gorgeous car-free cities around the world

Whether residents travel by gondola or horse-drawn carriage, these towns offer a change of pace from the whirling engines and constant traffic of other cities.

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Explore LA on two wheels with these 4 bike rides

We asked local bike experts share their favorite rides.

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10 transit-oriented projects in the Boston area to watch closely

Some of Boston’s most significant developments are going up around or on major transit hubs. But can the T handle the influx of residents these projects will bring?

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10 places to visit near the Rampart streetcar line

From learning about Mardi Gras Indians to a deadly museum, here are seven places to visit near the North Rampart/St Claude streetcar line.

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D.C. transit: The past, present, and (possible) future

See what you should know about Metrorail, Metrobus, ride-hailing, and bike-sharing services

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The far-out future 1960s planners envisioned for LA transit

Had these projects been built, we wouldn’t be driving to LAX.

27 cool airport amenities, in order of increasing absurdity 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the wondrous airport amenities around the world, from the sweet and weird to the outrageous and simply fun.

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Live chat with Ethan Elkind on the history, future of rail in Los Angeles

The author of ‘Railtown: The Fight for the Los Angeles Metro Rail and the Future of the City’ was on hand to take questions from readers.

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Trace SF’s long-defunct train routes in one BART-style map

David Edmondson painstakingly reconstructs the routes of every train in the region using a 1937 edition of the Official Guide to the Railways.

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Five developments fighting for affordability around transit

Both completed and in-progress

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This new coloring book is perfect for transit lovers in D.C.

With the Metrorail, bus, and streetcar included, coloring in the lines never felt so fun.

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Tour the New York Transit Museum, a repository of subway history

You won’t find a better place to explore the history of New York City’s transportation system than this underrated NYC museum.

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Everything you need to know about the state of biking in New Orleans

From a growing number of cyclists to information about the city’s upcoming bike share program, here’s what you need to know about biking in the Crescent City.

Before Tesla: Why everyone wanted an electric car in 1905

Electric cars might seem like the vehicles of the future, but they are actually a status symbol of the past.

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Detroit by taxi: My ride with a long-time cab driver

An early morning ride through Detroit’s west side shows us how the city has changed through the eyes of a cab driver.

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A complete guide from O’Hare to Millennium Park via public transit

The best way to get downtown from the airport is taking the ‘L’ train

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Along the Crenshaw Line, trepidation and excitement

The new light rail line will open in 2019, changing communities from Leimert Park to Inglewood—for better or worse.

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The beautiful side of D.C. traffic, in 6 photos

For a moment, find the beauty in a typically less-than-stellar aspect of the city.