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The Green New Deal is really about designing an entirely new world

It involves unbuilding our mistakes—and building an equitable, just, and sustainable future.

Why we need to reframe the rules of transportation design

Centering ethics, equity, and empathy is a "moral imperative," says Toole Design.

Delivery trucks are hurting cities. Can making them smaller help?

A chilling Amazon investigation shows the importance of "rightsizing" vehicles on city streets.

How lagging late-night transit harms vulnerable workers

A new study details how night-shift workers suffer from poor transit options—and ways to make the overnight commute better

Only one candidate is talking seriously about transportation. Everyone should be

It’s not just our fossil fuel dependence that needs to be addressed, it’s our car dependence.

London Underground will harness waste heat to warm homes

The city just announced that it would begin harnessing waste heat from its Northern line to warm up offices, community centers, and homes in the borough of Islington.

Why inclusive cities start with safe streets

New design guidelines from the American Society of Landscape Architects show us how to build them.

Classy e-bike is designed like a luxe vintage car

You could think of the $6,995 ride as the Rolls Royce of e-bikes.

Can Uber and Lyft ever be profitable?

Uber’s road to profitability just got $5.2 billion further away.

Houston’s $7 billion solution to gridlock is more highways

A "Texas-sized" expansion of highways finds the sprawling city laying out a blueprint for more cars

Repurposing abandoned shared bikes into furniture

What happens to all the bikes when they get old? Or are simply abandoned? If it’s up to designer Qiang Huang, the leftover parts will become raw material for furniture.

How mayoral candidate Randi Dorman gets around Tucson

The real estate developer is out campaigning by bike, on foot, and in a solar-powered car—in the 100-degree heat.

Tesla’s Semi truck reimagined as a luxury RV

The #vanlife community has other plans for the Tesla Semi truck launching next year.

Dutch city transforms bus stops with bee-friendly green roofs 

City officials sought to bolster local bee health by topping over 300 bus stops with greenery.

France’s solar roadway experiment has failed

After nearly three years of use, Normandy’s photovoltaic highway is delivering disappointing results.

Climate mayors ask Congress for swifter transportation action

In a Senate committee hearing, five U.S. mayors say they need more federal support to hit their emissions goals.

Trump admin holding back billions in transit funding, say congressional critics

At D.C. hearing, critics claim capital grants appropriated for critical projects haven’t been given to local transit agencies.

Pedestrian deaths keep rising in the U.S. Can Congress reverse the trend?

A proposed federal bill would require states to set aside highway funds for safer streets

Bicycle Architecture Biennale celebrates bike-friendly urban design

The exhibition features 15 projects from nine countries, all sharing different solutions for making cities more amenable to cyclists.

How bicycle ambassador Courtney Cobbs gets around Chicago

A hula-hooping cyclist’s quest for more bike lanes—and more bus lanes, too.

Sick of traffic? Get cities to invest in bikes and mass transit, says report

New data on congestion shows how complete streets and a multimodal approach helps every commuter.

Why Walmart parking lots are perfect for electric vehicle chargers

Most Americans make at least one trip to Walmart per year.

Bird unveils Cruiser minibike for two

Are you sitting down? Scooter leader debuts a larger, seated vehicle.

State transportation departments need to give up on cars

Maryland’s plan to expand its highways is part of a troubling pattern

Old-school Fiat 500 gets the electric car treatment

Milan design studio Garage Italia refurbished the old-school model, replacing its combustion engine with an electric drivetrain.

Boring Company’s $48M Tunnel Under Vegas Will Travel Less Than a Mile

From the convention center to... the convention center

Can the U.S. curb gas-powered cars by 2040?

Federal legislation complemented by city policies could help the country go electric for good.

Electric bus adoption has lots of roadblocks: New reports offer solutions

New research from the World Resources Institute offers a roadmap for electrifying mass transit.

Women on wheels

The bicycle’s feminist legacy has faded, but modern feminists are fighting for cycling again.

Report: U.S. addiction to building new roads eating up money needed for maintenance

Constructing new U.S. roads and highways, at the expense of basic repairs, is wasting taxpayers dollars.

Solar-powered bus station is a public transit dream

A new bus station in the Netherlands shows how to modernize public transportation.

Uber’s a public company. What’s next for cities?

Flying taxis? More Uber buses?

Bike lanes need barriers, not just paint

Cities shouldn’t let their cyclists get run over.

Uber, Lyft drivers striking in major cities to protest low pay

Demands for better pay come as companies hold billion-dollar IPOs.

High-speed rail in the U.S. has new promise, and new pitfalls

Even Sir Richard Branson’s Florida adventure can’t disguise the deep challenges facing modern train travel.

Uber for trains? New feature allows Denver riders to book transit with app

Launching in Denver today with in-app ticketing coming soon, new feature aims to make app better last mile solution.

How NUMTOT founder Juliet Eldred gets around Boston

Bike-commuting, T-riding, and monorail-tweeting with the transit-oriented 20-something

The classic Ford Bronco goes all-electric

Electric automotive company Zero Labs recently showed off a souped up sustainable version of the SUV that runs 100 percent on electricity.

How five cities are expanding bike share to underserved communities

Making car-free options available, and more welcoming, to all riders.